Comprehensive Emissions Services to Air Quality Monitoring

21st Century Environmental Consultants Inc., offers comprehensive emissions services to determine air quality in various sectors. Our team provides services for estimating baseline and annual GHG emissions using rigorous bottom-up methods. We quantify the uncertainty in these estimates in accordance with IPCC good practice guidance.  In addition, we can help with annual Environment Canada NPRI (National Pollutant Release Inventory) reporting.

Other reporting services include:

• Monthly electronic CEMS
• NPRI / NERM emissions
• Fugitive emissions
• Green House Gas (GHG), inventory quantification

Indoor Air Quality/Monitoring

Air-quality and -monitoring professionals at 21st Century Environmental Consultants Inc. have experience in the industrial hygiene and occupational health. This expertise allows us to provide assessments, reporting and monitoring so that indoor air-quality standard are met.

Indoor monitoring services include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Physical air parameters including humidity, temperature and oxygen deficiency
• Mold and bacteriological identification and counts
• Air sampling
• Indoor noise sampling
• Radon sampling

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