Environmental & Regulatory Compliance

21st Century Environmental Consultants Inc., servicing Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan in Canada, provides environmental compliance and audits (ISO 14001) for the oil and gas industry. Our services include permit applications and project management services, as well as regulatory compliance audits and inspections. Making application on our client’s behalf guarantees permits from appropriate municipal, provincial and federal agencies.

Regulatory Compliance-Tracking Software Management

21st Century Environmental Consultants Inc. serves as the Canadian representative for one of the largest regulatory compliance tracking software development companies in the United States – 360Factors. We install regulatory compliance tracking software and provide service during installation and the entire project life-cycle.

Environmental Construction Inspections, Monitoring & Management

In 2008, Alberta Transportation and the cities of Calgary and Edmonton developed a common Environmental Construction Operations (ECO) plan. The objectives of the ECO Plan are to prevent or minimize environmental impacts and enhance the environmental value of the air, land, and water affected by projects.
21st Century Environmental Consultants Inc. writes and manages construction EPP and prepares a detailed report at the end of your project. Our services include water crossing, construction and environmental construction inspections.

Regulatory Compliance Tracking Software Development

21st Century Environmental Consultants Inc. offers Canadian representation for 360factors and set up your regulatory compliance tracking software. We also represent companies during the regulatory compliance software installation process.

21st Century Environmental Consultants will provide the following services to support your regulatory compliance and permitting efforts:

  • Regulatory Acts & Regulations Interpretation & Assistance
  • ISO 14001:2015 EMS audits
  • Building Legal Registry from Scratch
  • Schedule Management for AER, AEP, OGC, SER Applications
  • Oil & Gas Facility Applications
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Applications
  • Stakeholder Notification & Consultation
  • Environmental Regulatory Requirements
  • Facility Inspections
  • OGC Pipeline and Facility Management
  • Environmental Site Assessments Phases 1 & 11
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