Water Quality Monitoring & Project Management

Oil and gas industry construction activities like installation of bridges, culverts, outfall structures and pipelines have to meet specified environmental standards. 21st Century Environmental Consultants team Inc. has a working knowledge of provincial and federal legislation regulating these water quality activities. Our team of professionals – biologists and associates – has the qualifications and experience necessary to act as Qualified Aquatic Environment Specialists (QAES) on behalf of our clients.

We provide specifications and recommendations to mitigate any loss of aquatic habitats that may result from in-stream works. Our services are designed to ensure all in-stream works conducted by our clients complies with provincial and federal regulations at no net loss.

Watercourse & Fish Habitat Assessments

If construction has the potential to adversely affect a watercourse or water body, watercourse assessments are required prior to starting work. Fish and fish habitat assessments are done in conjunction with watercourse assessments. These assessments evaluate and document the value of spawning, rearing and over-wintering of fish habitats before any in-stream work.

Fish Community Sampling

Our services include fisheries impact assessments during and after construction activities. These assessments allow for planning and construction to proceed appropriately. They ensure that fish and fish habitat values are protected as directed by the Federal Department of Fisheries (DFO.)

Fish Salvage Operations

To ensure that fish-bearing bodies of waters are not adversely affected by construction, our biologists can provide on-site construction monitoring. Call us!

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